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About Us

Complete Car Diagnostics Inc. also known as Complete Auto Diagnostics was established back in 2006. Since then we are providing excellent service to our over one and a half million customers (and mounting).


We at Complete Car Diagnostics Inc. designers of COAD® (Complete OBD Auto Diagnostics) are the small team of 2 Electronic & Software Engineers, A Mechatronic Engineer, 3 Mechanical Engineers & 4 shop floor car mechanics. All holding great experience in their respective field and COAD® is designed not only based on their great experience but also based on 6 years of field based research and feedback from the several dealerships.


Our uniqueness is our most up to date and largest DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) database which COAD® inherits. This enables COAD® to detect and reset almost all the fault codes which no other software or scanner can do. Making Award winning COAD® the world's best car diagnostic software/scanner.

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